The Skunk Works Option

Why hire a full-time employee when you can have your own skunk works dev team up and running next week.

See our white paper explaining the Skunk Works process:
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The term Skunk Works dates back to 1943, during WWII, when the U.S. Army tasked Lockheed with designing America’s first fighter jet. A crack engineering team, led by Kelly Johnson, delivered it in just 143 days.

Kelly codified how to run a Skunk Works without going over budget or running late through a set of 14 Rules.

Download our paper - The Skunk Works Option - to see how these rules work in combination with an Agile process to get quality software built faster.
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An image of Kelly Johnson
Clarence “Kelly” Johnson
Lead Engineer, Lockheed Martin Corporation
©Lockheed Martin Corporation

What Our Customers Say

Paul Middleton
Lumen Consulting Group

“The Blood & Treasure team has been a great partner for several years.

They were able to quickly understand the business need we are solving, and translate that into an app that serves global enterprises.

Their partnership has been critical to our success.”

Brian Ferber
Group Director Supply Chain Operations & Demand Management, Citrix

“The Blood & Treasure team has been exceptional to work with.

They were able to create a complex, enterprise-grade app within a fraction of the time it would have taken us to build and deploy internally.

100% responsive, creative, and professional.”

Brendan Kamm
Co-Founder & CEO, THNKS

“The Blood & Treasure team was instrumental in the launch of THNKS.

They worked tirelessly as an extension of our team and were able to get us to production on time and on budget.  

Strategy, design and engineering, they were a key piece of it all.”

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